This is a semi comprehesive list of charatcers. If they have bios, they will be linked, but if not, a simple blurb/copy paste bio will be placed. DO NOT STEAL!


Holdo/Female/Cat/5 yo/Pansexual/Cream, tall, fluffy she-cat with a navy tie, and green eyes/Cats of Venice

Sappheire/Genderfluid/Half-Demon/21 yo/Lesbain/Tall, Olive skinned femme, having a leather/demin jacket, has acid-wash jeans, and graphic tees, she has a short bob, and has combat boots and a backpack/Private

Fawn/Non-Biary/Cat/2 yo/Bisexual/Fluffy, short, stubby tailed tom, they have peach colored fur. It is checkered with burns, and half of his face is burned off. He has horns./Skyclan

Elk Jr/Male/Cat/7 yo/Bisexual/A brown tabby with short fur. He's tall and has an normal build. He has green eyes and a purple gem/The Lab

Spring/Female/Cat/2 yo/Questioning/A fluffy white she-cat with brown patches, and yellow eyes and gem/The Lab

Kirena/Female/Cat/7 yo/Bisexual/A calico she-cat with a thin build. She's covered in scars and her eyes are sea green and her gem is the same color.

Wag/Male/Cat/6 yo/Straight/A fluffy white tom with brown patches, with yellow eyes and scars deckering his pelt. His gem is the same yellow as his eyes, and he has steam-punk googles/The Lab

Boutin/Male/Cat/5 yo/Straight/poly/A blue tom with a yellow scarf/Cats of Venice

Mezzo/Genderfluid/Cat/1 yo/Pansexual/A inverted calico, with green eyes with a different bowties

Carter/Male/Human/25 yo/Gay/A black man with pulled back hair, he's tall and has a different shirt or suit at any given time/Private

Goosesky/Male/Cat/3 yo/Heteroflexable/A large, fluffy gray tabby with yellow eyes.

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